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» » Path of the Assassin (Volume 1-15) Complete
Path of the Assassin (Volume 1-15) Complete

Path of the Assassin (Volume 1-15) Complete

Publisher: Dark Horse / Collections
Year: 2006-2009
Pictures: 15 volume
Language: English
Size: 1659 mb.

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Path of the Assassin (Hanz?? no Mon) is a gekiga or manga created by the writer Kazuo Koike and the artist Goseki Kojima and published in Weekly Gendai magazine (Kodansha). Unlike their previous collaborations on Lone Wolf and Cub and Samurai Executioner, this story focuses on two historical figures from 16th-century Japan.
Path of the Assassin is the story of Hattori Hanz??, the master ninja whose duty it was to protect Tokugawa Ieyasu, who would grow up to become shogun and unify Japan. The creators poetically describe the story as "Lifelong Friends, with the Same Dreams, Striving to Grow into a Rising River." The 15-volume series has been reprinted by Dark Horse Comics, translated into English and oriented in the original right-to-left reading format.скачать dle 12.1
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