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» » Young Justice collection (0-25 series)
Young Justice collection (0-25 series)

Young Justice collection (0-25 series)

Publisher: DC / Collections
Pictures: 26 comics
Language: English
Size: 532.5 mb.

Keywords: Young Justice Young Justice DC comics collection Young Justice
Collection of Comics "Young Justice" from the creator of comics DC. Now in the assembly 26 comics (0-25 series).
Based on the animated series! Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash and Aqualad star in this explosive issue kickstarting an all-new ongoing series! They're four young superheroes learning how to be a team...and maybe doing a bit of growing up along the way - but only just a little bit!скачать dle 12.1
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  1. O Bloody Hell
    15 March 2013 12:38
    As a direct result of LaFiles deciding to limit even registered users to max 400mb, most of these collections are now defacto offline to most. 

    Might I suggest you revise your scheme to 10-issue blocks? i.e., 1-10,11-20, and so forth? Those should usually be below that ridiculous limit.

    Not a complaint, just a request. Anything you decide to do is appreciated.