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» » Steel (1-52 series + Annual) Complete
Steel (1-52 series + Annual) Complete

Steel (1-52 series + Annual) Complete

Publisher: DC / Collections
Pictures: 54 series
Language: English
Size: 526.7 mb.

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John Henry Irons was originally a brilliant weapons engineer for Amertek Industries, who eventually became disgusted when the BG-60, a powerful man-portable energy cannon he had designed had fallen into the wrong hands, and was used to kill innocent people. John faked his death, and eventually came to Metropolis, where one day, while working a construction job high up on a skyscraper, he fell off while saving a friend from the same fate. His own life was saved by none other than Superman. During Superman's fatal battle against Doomsday, Irons was buried in rubble amidst the devastation. Shortly after Superman's death, he finally awoke, to find out that the gangs in inner-city Metropolis were fighting a devastating gang war using BG-80 Toastmasters, an upgraded version of his earlier Amertek design. Irons created and donned a suit of powered armor in Superman's memory in order to stop the war, as well as the weapons, which were being distributed by a former partner of his.

During the Reign of the Supermen storyarc, he was often called the "Man of Steel" to identify him in contrast to the other Supermen, which was shortened to "Steel" by Superman himself (his family, who saw right through his disguise, referred to him as "Black Superman"). He had a solo series (written by co-creator Louise Simonson and later by Christopher Priest), and also has been a supporting character in the Superman series. He has also been a member of the Justice League. Steel runs a technological facility which also serves as his own Fortress of Solitude called Steelworks. Steel retired from active duty after he was injured while wearing the Entropy Aegis, an alien armor created on the evil planet, Apokolips, which nearly consumed his soul.скачать dle 12.1
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