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» » Batman and Batgirl #21
Batman and Batgirl #21

Batman and Batgirl #21

Publisher: DC
Year: 2013
Pictures: 22
Language: English
Size: 31.4 mb.

Keywords: Batman and Batgirl Batman Batgirl
Once at the Masquerade Barbara Bruce Wayne rescued from a criminal - Man-Moth. She did not know that Bruce Wayne - the one who is hiding behind the mask of her idol. Soon Batman invited Barbara to join the team of defenders. Between Bruce and Barbara have a warm feeling, Batman has long worked in tandem with Batgirl. Girl-bat many times saved the innocent from criminals and catching villains as the Joker in one evening he came to the apartment to Commissioner Gordon to kidnap him and blackmail Batman. But the door was opened by Barbara, and the Clown, without hesitation, shot her with a revolver. The bullet damaged spine, and Barbara was paralyzed from the waist down. But Miss Gordon has not ceased to fight crime, though paralyzed leg put an end to the operational work.скачать dle 12.1
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