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» » Domino (1-3 series) Complete
Domino (1-3 series) Complete

Domino (1-3 series) Complete

Publisher: Marvel / Collections
Year: 1997
Pictures: 3 issues
Language: English
Size: 33.4 mb.

Keywords: Domino Domino comics
Domino's is able to subconsciously influence on the probability of causing unlikely things happen, bringing themselves the incredible luck in their endeavors, and thus fail to bring their enemies. The phenomenon of "Fields of probability" can be anything. The full potential of its forces as yet unknown.
Unconsciously controlled talent is like a domino the trigger, especially in stressful situations (such as escape).
Domino's ability to constantly come out of her body subconsciously, but it brought good luck to Domino should focus on the things or events, for which it can influence. For example, if Domino's will just stand under fire, the bullet would kill her, and if she tries to direct them to their abilities and influence the likelihood that it will miraculously avoided a bullet wound. In the series "The Avengers vs. X-Men" using their power, Domino alone wins the Red Hulk.
Nina is superbly trained marksman and a master of martial arts.скачать dle 12.1
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