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New Warriors (Volume 4) 1-20 series
Unknown presents the police super-villain. Unknown paints the registration posters. Who are they? The only zapeknoy are the letters HB left by them. And what do they need from the mutant forces who lost Sophia? New Warriors resurrected from the dead? Or this is another
New Warriors (Volume 3) 1-6 series
Over the years, a little-known supervillains have run out of New York. sheltered from the eyes of the superheroes of the big apple, they are intrigued, robbed and terrorized others. But more than this will not happen. No, at least if the new soldiers will be what to tell them. The group of young heroes - idealists, the New Warriors sworn to fight
New Warriors (Volume 2) 0-10 series
The New Warriors return in this second ongoing series. It lasted only for 10 issues, with one special "Wizard issue 0". The team however remained together and had many guest-appearances in that time.
New Warriors (Volume 1) 1-75 series + Annuals
The New Warriors were featured in an eponymous series from 1990 until 1996, written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Mark Bagley. Nicieza wrote the series for the first 53 issues. The series lasted for 75 issues and four annuals, spinning off a number of titles, including mini-series featuring Night Thrasher and Marvel Boy (by then renamed Justice)
Fury MAX #12 (2013)
22 pages |
23.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Fury MAX Garth Ennis Dave Johnson 2013

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