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The Ravagers #8
21 pages |
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Keywords: Ravagers DC comics Ravagers comics comics 2013
The comic Ravagers tell you a story about the team brave people who are fighting evil. Download and read comics of this beautiful world-famous comic book publisher DC

The Ravagers #8

Publisher: DC
Legion Lost #16
20 pages |
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Keywords: Legion Lost DC comics comics 2013
Seven heroes from the 31st century are carried in our time. Their mission: to save the future from annihilation. But when the technology of the future, that they brought with them are useless, the team is trapped in a nightmare world where every day for them - the never-ending struggle for survival!

Legion Lost #16

Publisher: DC
Grifter #16
21 pages |
29.58 мegabytes

Keywords: Grifter DC comics comics 2013 Grifter comics
Grifter (Rascal) Cole Cash - a former special forces soldier, "Delta" of the U.S. Army, fraud, making a living with Gretchen Reese (Gretchen Reese). They basically lied famous. He is preparing for his biggest case, when he was kidnapped Demonitami, alien race secretly penetrating the Earth, using the human body as a carrier. They attempted to

Grifter #16

Publisher: DC
Demon Knights #16
21 pages |
35 мegabytes

Keywords: Demon Knights DC comics comics 2013
Long ago, in the era of dark and dark ages also lived brave heroes. Though not so brave, albeit not as heroes. But when trouble is coming, they are ready to fight with anyone, face off with the very evil! .. Not for gratitude. For a pint of ale and a glorious battle. Demonic knights guarding the peace!

Demon Knights #16

Publisher: DC
Batgirl #16
20 pages |
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Keywords: Batgirl DC comics comics 2013 new Batgirl Batgirl comics
Barbara Gordon, after three years in a wheelchair, has regained the ability to walk. And returned to the role Betgerl! Having lived for many years with his father, Babs finally decides to move. She will have to face a new villain, horror at the Gotham, and overcome their fears of the past.

Batgirl #16

Publisher: DC
2000AD 1815 (2013)
32 pages |
19.88 мegabytes

Keywords: 2000AD 1815 2013 Strontium Dog The Red Seas
The Strain (1-10 series)
10 comics pages |
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Keywords: The Strain Strain 2012 comics Dark Horse
Publisher Dark Horse has taken on the adaptation of the first novel trilogy "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. We remind you that the books dealt with the terrible virus outbreak of vampirism, very quickly. No snotty vampire boys and vampire girls. Ohochuschie only to human blood monsters. A series of graphic novels is called -
The Sandman - Endless Nights
154 pages |
120.75 мegabytes

Keywords: Sandman Endless Nights Sandman Endless Nights sandman endless 2003 comics
The seven short stories, each of which tells the story of the life of one of the Immortals.
Modern Masters (Volume 28) - Eric Powell
Eric Powell is a sick, sick man. Sick... but brilliant. How else would he have been able to come up with a concept like The Goon - a smarter-than-he-looks brute raised by carnies, who runs the city's underworld while protecting it from being overrun by zombies? How could anyone not love that idea? Now's your chance to take a look inside the sick
Modern Masters (Volume 27) - Ron Garney
Ron Garney knows how to tell a story on the comics page. He can draw cinematic blockbuster action with the best of them, as his iconic runs on Captain America, Wolverine, and Weapon X will attest. But he also excels at depicting the quiet moments. There is emotional nuance in his work, which elevates every story he illustrates. Join authors George
Incognito - Bad Influences (1-5 series)
Complete collection. Zack Overkill had forgotten about the old trouble, now his life - gray days with capture of supervillains and his nights in a strange house with a false name and a fictional person. But one day all this destroys nondescript old man hatched a plan to kill Zack ... but why?
Crossed - Badlands (1-20 series)
Different characters, different locales, different stories. But they all have a red cross crosses a virus that can deprive any human face. A virus that turns people into lustful, violent creatures that seek only pleasure and satiety.
Weird Worlds (Volume 2) 1-6 series
6 issues pages | 2011 year
183.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Weird Worlds DC comics Collection 2011
It's a weird world out there in the DCU and the three tales here will help you explore it! Featuring Garbageman, written and drawn by Aaron Lopresti, a Lobo adventure by Kevin Van Hook with art by Jerry Ordway, and Kevin Maguire's latest creation, the space-based Tanga!
Injustice - Gods Among Us #1
22 pages |
10.99 мegabytes

Keywords: Injustice Gods Among Us DC comics download DC comics 2013
The first series of a new project from the studio NetherRealm - Injustice: Gods Among Us. As reported in a press release, the new fighting game will join the most famous characters of the Universe DC Comics: Batman, Superman, Flash, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy and super-females. Superheroes will sort things out in the world, where the "blurred
Zootanapuss #1
29 pages |
20.82 мegabytes

Keywords: Zootanapuss 2012 comics new Zootanapuss free Zootanapuss
The first series of comics Zootanapuss. Free download Zootanapuss

Zootanapuss #1

Publisher: Other