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Keywords: Tangled digital 2012 GreenGiant-DCP new comics 2012
A mysterious tower hidden in the woods in a faraway kingdom; a king and a queen searching for their kidnapped daughter; and a beautiful girl whose golden hair has incredible magical powers... this is no ordinary fairy tale! After 18 years spent locked in a tower, Rapunzel rebels against the woman she believes to be her mother and plans to go


Publisher: Disney
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Keywords: Cars disnay pixar 2012 new Cars 2012
Comics on the cartoon "Cars."


Publisher: Disney
Bloom County - The Complete Digital Library (volume 4) 2012
375 pages |
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Keywords: Bloom County The Complete Digital Library 2012 new comics
Free comics Bloom County - The Complete Digital Library (volume 4) 2012
Bloom County - The Complete Digital Library (volume 5) 2012
374 pages |
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Keywords: Bloom County The Complete Digital Library 2012 new comics
Free comics Bloom County - The Complete Digital Library (volume 5) 2012
14 Carat Roadster
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Keywords: 14 Carat Roadster Carat Roadster comics 2000
Download free comics 14 Carat Roadster
The Adversary - Reborn
29 pages |
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Keywords: The Adversary Reborn Archangel Michael angel demon 2012
The story begins with the murder of an angel demon, all the demons believe in its greatness above the ground, they start killing angels unpunished. But the comic book hero will prevent them and avenge the murders.
Superman Beyond collection (0-12 series)
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Keywords: Superman Beyond Superman Beyond DC comics new Superman
Collection of Comics "Superman Beyond" from the creator of comics DC. Now in the assembly 13 comics (0-12 series). The collection is updated when publishing new comics.
Superman Beyond #12
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Keywords: Superman Beyond DC comics comics 2013
One of the most powerful stories of Superman, yet here it is, the legacy of All-Star Superman, Morrison's who loves truly, two issues in one way, which gives us the essence of Superman. Powerful ties with Limbaugh Infinite Book, Superman on Multiverse, even seemed to spin all around the banal life saving Lois, but what is the Adventure, I do not

Superman Beyond #12

Publisher: DC
The Claw & Fang #0
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Keywords: The Claw Fang comics 2013 new comics
The new comic book series about the characters, Justin, who gave up life in the real world, to live in a virtual predpochol. But then returned to the demon of darkness ...
The Incredibles NEW
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Keywords: The Incredibles disnay pixar 2012
Family history of superheroes, whose members have moved away from the big things and prefer to live unremarkable lives of ordinary humans. In the past they had supernatural powers and is relatively easy to cope with the global scourge. But one day, dad and his household have once again put on rubber suits superheroes (and this urgent need to lose
Smallville #27
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Keywords: Smallville DC comics comics 2013 season 11 new dc
Comics during the TV series "Secrets Smallville" Superman's youth - known as Clark Kent. Action Comics is six months after the events of season 10 television series, Superman saves the world from the Apocalypse, and here begins the 11 season. New friends, new enemies, old friends, returning when their assistance is not coming up.

Smallville #27

Publisher: DC
Dungeons & Dragons - The Legend of Drizzt -Neverwinter Tales (1-5)
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Keywords: Dungeons Dragons The Legend Drizzt Neverwinter Tales IDW publishing comics 2012
Complete collection of comics (1-5 series) "Dungeons & Dragons - The Legend of Drizzt -Neverwinter Tales" from the publisher IDW publishing comics.
Monsters, Inc
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Keywords: Monsters Inc disney 2012 comics
Strikes voobrzhenie fantasy with which the authors of this comic came up so many toon monster. They are monsters, but here they are not terrible, and even cute caught. He lives in a parallel world in Monstropolis. Residents of the city, amusing and not evil monsters to scare children, so that they were screaming and crying. Force, which is

Monsters, Inc

Publisher: Disney
Legends of the Dark Knight #30
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Keywords: Legends Dark Knight batman DC comics comics 2013
Curious horror story from Grant Morrison and Klaus Janson. Interesting it is, above all, that there are some ideas that Morrison then brilliantly used and developed in his wound in Batman RIP and in particular: putting the question of the reality unreality of what is happening and the demonic enemy in the form of a man from the past. But then