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Captain Marvel - Issue #2
21 pages |
8.99 мegabytes

Keywords: Captain Marvel pilot past THE BANSHEE SQUADRON Avenger
Captain Marvel can not get away from the problems of the past! Who is the best pilot? * Introducing BANSHEE SQUADRON! * Avenger Time Travel Protocols: Engage!
Captain Marvel - Issue #1
SHE COME BACK! "Mighty" most powerful heroes of the Earth! * Ace pilot. Legendary Avenger. 100% pure bully. * Carol Danvers has a new name and a new mission... and all the might she needs to make her lifetime a living hell. * Invited actors: Captain America.
Amazing Spider-Man #695
24 pages |
17.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker Hobgoblin ASM 700 Kingpin
Dark time came for Peter Parker and the changing is closer than you even fear. * How do we want headlong ASM # 700, the Kingpin's latest plan is one of the strongest Spiderman against him. * Hobgoblin come back... but his days may be numbered as the past sharpens his blades.
Amazing Spider-Man #694
24 pages |
16.33 мegabytes

Keywords: Spider-Man Alpha foe returnes Marvel unniverse
Fifty-year anniversary adventures of Spider-Man is dispersed as an old foe returns! And all-new character joins the universe Marvel! Who is Alpha?!
Secret Service - Issue #3
It's James Bond meets My Fair Lady as the greatest spy in the world teaches his troubled nephew to leave his miserable life behind and join the elite ranks of the British Secret Service. This problem is Uncle Jake in must-be-seen-to-be-considered action spectacle, as he seeks to uncover the mystery of kidnapping actor Mark Hamill, and how it is
Secret Service - Issue #2
The greatest world's secret agent is on the most challenging case of his career. But will the end of the world as we know it take a back seat preparation for his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? Preparing young man now begins in earnest, saved him from a life of despair. Meanwhile, what is the secret connection between fiction series
Secret Service - Issue #1
From the author of Kick-Ass and Watchmen artist comes Cooperation decades in the making. Says Millar: - "The Secret Service is the consequences of [How] America struggles in the world, funding seriously recess to balance books, and some people are struggling to take advantage of the fragile situation in the world. The Hero - And Sidekick Guys who
Invincible Iron Man #525
24 pages |
17.52 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Iron Man Shang-Chi monster danger
The villain revealed! Shang-Chi uncovers a monster danger to mankind. Can he stop the danger in time to save everyone?
Invincible Iron Man #524
24 pages |
19.02 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Iron Man tony stark Zeke Stane mandarin death-trap
* The Future is upon us! * How will Tony Stark escape ultimate Mandarin death trap? What is Zeke Stane hiding? What crazy invention he is ready to unleash?
Invincible Iron Man #523
24 pages |
14.38 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Iron Man mandarin superheroes future mission
What does the Future keep for Tony Stark? What is the staggering truth of the mission of Mandarin? How can our superheroes stop Mandarin plans?
Invincible Iron Man #522
24 pages |
19.28 мegabytes

Keywords: Iron Man Rescue Tony Stark Invincible Iron man
THE FUTURE for Tony Stark has arrived today! You think that your company boss is bad? Try doing work to The Mandarin! The new Iron Man vs. Rescue?
Invincible Iron Man #521
In The Invincible Iron Man #521, we get a winking of "The Future"... Six months has passed since the Mandarin Tony Stark forced to his knees. At Resilient, the company has grown in the absence of Tony. As for the Hammers and their cohorts in the Pentagon, General Babbage, Detroit began in trouble. So much so that Babbage was forced, and has access
True Blood (20 comics) 2008-2012
600 pages |
415.56 мegabytes

Keywords: True Blood 2012
Here is a comic book series based on the popular TV series "True Blood" in English. This is not a comic book adaptation of the series or books, but a completely new stories with old characters.
Jim Butcher (16 comics) 2008-2012
480 pages |
321.51 мegabytes

Keywords: Jim Butcher 2012
Jim Butcher - American author and screenwriter, best-selling author in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, detective, thriller and mystery. He is also the author of the graphic novel (comic book collections), created after his main book series "Dresden Files", the plot of the first book of which was also released self-titled series. Comics by
A Game of Thrones (series 10) 2012
32 pages |
56.44 мegabytes

Keywords: Game of Thrones 2012
Tyrion Lannister may be Lady Catelyn Stark's prisoner, but the Imp is still in possession of his most dangerous weapon: his devious mind. Yet even the sharpest brain is a poor weapon to pit against naked steel, as he is about to discover in the wild mountains below the Eyrie. Far away, in King's Landing, Tyrion's abduction is just one more
Charmed (series 0-21) 2010-2012
650 pages |
566.06 мegabytes

Keywords: Charmed 2012
Continuation of the popular TV series "Charmed" against three "Charmed" sisters witches and evil. Room # 0-21.