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Superboy is the name of several American comic book series published by DC Comics, featuring characters of the same name. The first three titles feature the original Superboy, the legendary hero Superman as a boy. Later series feature the second Superboy, who is a partial clone of the original Superman.

Primary series about Superboy

Limited series and one-shots

Superboy & the Ravers #1-19 1996-1998
Superboy & Risk - Double-Shot 1998
Superboy's Legion #1-2 2001
Convergence: Superboy #1 2015
Convergence: Superboy #2 2015
Convergence: Superboy and The Legion of Superheroes #1 2015
Convergence: Superboy and The Legion of Superheroes #2 2015
General information about Superboy
Super Name Superboy
Real Name Kon-El / Conner Kent
Aliases Conner Kent, Connor Kent, Carl Krummet, Kon-El, The Teen of Steel, The Boy of Steel, Kid, Hero of Hawaii, Superman, Lionel Luthor, CNR, Experiment 13, Project Kr. , S.B., Little brother
Publisher DC Comics
Creators Tom Grummett, Karl Kesel, Scott Lobdell, R. B. Silva
Gender Male
First Appearance Adventures of Superman #501 - The Adventures of Superman....When He Was A Boy!
Died Infinite Crisis #6 - Touchdown
Ambush Bug: Year None #3 - A Ton of Bricks, A Jug of Whine - And Thou!
Superman #25 - Krypton Returns, Part 4
Powers Agility, Attractive Male, Berserker Strength, Blast Power, Danger Sense, Energy Absorption, Flight, Force Field, Gadgets, Healing, Heat Vision, Intellect, Invulnerability, Leadership, Longevity, Psionic, Stamina, Super Speed, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Unarmed Combat
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