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Armageddon 2001 #01-02 Complete
2 issues pages | 1991 year
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Keywords: Armageddon 2001 Complete DC Collection 1991
Kid Eternity Vol.2 #01-03 Complete
3 issues pages | 1991 year
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Keywords: Kid Eternity Vol.2 Complete DC Collection 1991
Night of the Living Dead #01
52 pages | 1991 year
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Keywords: Night of the Living Dead 1991
Black Orchid (Volume 1) Oneshot
After Susan brutally murdered, it degenerates into a hybrid of humans and plants, the Black Orhideyu.Kto killed her? Why was this necessary? Immerse yourself in the history of the creator Neil Gaiman's Sandman! Journey full of intrigue, mystery and danger begins!
Black Canary Vol.1 #01-04 (1991)
4 issues pages |
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Keywords: Black Canary Vol.1 Image Collection 1991
Deadman - Dead Again (1-5 series) complete
5 comics pages |
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Keywords: Deadman Dead Again 1991 dc comics Deadman Dead Again Deadman comics Dead Again
Dead Again was a five-part, weekly mini-series with a cover date of October, 1991.
Infinity Gauntlet (1-6 series) Complete
6 comics pages |
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Keywords: Infinity Gauntlet marvel comics Infinity Gauntlet Infinity Gauntlet comics 1991
The Six Issue Limited Series that contains the core of the Infinity Gauntlet crossover event. The storyline is the culmination of events from Silver Surfer vol. 3, #34 (Feb. 1990) and the two-issue miniseries The Thanos Quest (Sept.- Oct. 1990) Thanos mounts the six Infinity Gems, (collected in the The Thanos Quest limited series), on his left
Maus: A Survivors's Tale I, II
280 pages |
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Keywords: Penguin Books Art Spiegelman comic strip underground 1986 1991
Spiegelman, the son passed through the Nazi concentration camp of Polish Jews, has created a hand-drawn epic on the Holocaust. On mice Jewish Nazi-hunt here cats, helped depicted with conspicuous Poles dislike pigs. The main features of comics - the availability of images, metaphors fables - Spiegelman combined with the harsh realism and painful
Kato of the Green Hornet (Volume 1) 1-4 series
4 comics pages | 1991 year
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Keywords: Kato of the Green Hornet Kato Green Hornet Kato comics Green Hornet comics 1991 now comics
Britt learns that his father worked with Scanlon and did not allow to print some materials. He comes to Lenore and asks her to return to work. She agrees, but says Kato. Kato realizes that with his abilities, he still hard to find a job. He finds a letter from Krovonovski, where he is invited to share their influence in Los Angeles. I have a job
Darkhawk (55 comics)
55 comics pages |
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Keywords: Darkhawk Marvel 1991 Darkhawk comics Darkhawk free Darkhawk collection
Darkhawk aka Christopher Powell (Christopher Powell). Chris from a happy family. Father - a police officer. Mother - the prosecutor. Two younger brothers. And then one day, everything changed. His mother tried to bribe her to shut the case for Philippe Bazin. Otherwise, she was threatened abduction. When Chris's mother had a season, she made him
Predator - Big Game (1-4 series) Complete
4 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Predator - Big Game Predator comics 1991 Dark Horse
Predator: Big Game was a four-part comic book miniseries produced by Dark Horse Comics from March??“June 1991. It was written by John Arcudi and penciled by Evan Dorkin and inked by Armando Gil. It was edited by Diana Schutz and the series featured covers by Chris Warner. A collected trade paperback edition released in August 1992 featured a new
Aquaman (volume 4) 1-13 series
13 comics pages |
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Keywords: Aquaman v4 1991 1992 DC comics Aquaman comics collection Aquaman
This is the 4th series of Aquaman, which ran for 13 issues between 1991 and 1992
I am Legend
250 pages |
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Keywords: I am Legend I am Legend comics 1991
Unknown virus has transformed the world's population into vampires. Robert Neville - the only one who escaped this fate. At night, he is saved from the attacks zabarikadirovavshis obveshanom garlic in your home. During the day he kills vampires, draining at dawn in a coma, and trying to understand the causes of the epidemic.

I am Legend

Publisher: IDW