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Superman Annual #1
33 pages | 2012 year
33.31 мegabytes

Keywords: Superman Annual DC comics 2012
Yearbooks for the popular comic book series of the Superman comics publisher DC
Teen Titans - Annual
40 pages |
33.52 мegabytes

Keywords: Teen Titans Annual DC comics 2012
Yearbooks for the popular comic book series of the Teen Titans comics publisher DC
The Flash Annual #1
40 pages |
25.39 мegabytes

Keywords: The Flash Annual DC comics 2012
Flash has the ability to develop a supersonic speed and use superhuman reflexes, which violates several laws of physics. So far, there are four characters who have the ability to super speeds and performed under the name Flash: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen-2007, 2009-present). Before you put on a suit, Flash, Bart Allen and
Batman Annual (2012)
40 pages |
30.82 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Annual DC comics 2012
Yearbooks series Batman. More pages seamlessly complement the main ongoing.
Detective Comics Annual #1
36 pages |
23.28 мegabytes

Keywords: Detective Comics Annual dc comics 2012
This is a special annual issue of comics, writing, Tony S. Daniel and illustrated by Romano Molenaar and Sandu Florea. Here Description confrontation Dark Knight and Black Mask
Green Lantern Annual #1 (2012)
46 pages |
33.96 мegabytes

Keywords: Green Lantern Annual DC comics 2012
Sodem Yat - daksamit and Green Lantern Sector 1760, which used to support an entity called Ion. The prophecy was that he would become the greatest representatives of the Green Lantern Corps. According to one version, the future Sodem remain the last surviving member of the Corps.
Animal Man Annual #1 (2012)
37 pages |
34.58 мegabytes

Keywords: Animal Man Annual DC comics 2012
Comics tell you a fascinating story about the struggle between good and evil. Later hildren forces will play an important role for the future of the universe.
48 pages |
28.27 мegabytes

This is the sequel to the Justice League DARK number 13, this is a great finale to the epic story of May Day in Jeff Lemire! The main role of Frankenstein, and the new series of magic sword, amethyst!
Swamp Thing Annual #1
32 pages |
25.98 мegabytes

Keywords: Swamp Thing Annual DC comics 2012
Many years ago when Alec Holland met with Anton Arcane, and this meeting has created consternation, whose name Rotworld! This addition to the tale of monsters and madmen is considered one of the greatest rivalries in the universe of DC!
39 pages |
26.14 мegabytes

Keywords: ACTION COMICS ANNUAL DC comics 2012
Secrets of the missing five years, when Clark Kent came to Metropolis and to this day continues to be a mystery! The attack Brainiac on Metropolis, Superman is faced with his first enemy: Kryptonite Man!
Batgirl Annual #1
36 pages |
20.89 мegabytes

Keywords: Batgirl Annual DC comics 2012
This is the first meeting between the characters Batgirl and Catwoman in the journal New 52! In addition, Talon, that Barbara faced during night owl back for revenge!
Batman Annual (Series 1-25 of 25)
~1000 pages |
509.59 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Annual DC
"Origin Ra's al Ghul, Batman's greatest enemy is finally revealed in this Yearbook. You'll learn all about the life Ra's al Ghul for many hundreds of years!"
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