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Infestation #01-02 Complete
2 issues pages | 2011 year
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Infestation (2 series) Complete
CVO is deployed to New Mexico to deal with a biological outbreak. Once they arrive, they realize it's much more than a simple virus. It's a zombie plague. Unfortunately, it infects a team member and travels through a portal to infect other alternate Earths...
Star Trek - Infestation (2 saeries) Complete
The first-ever event in IDW Publishing??™s history crosses over into the Star Trek universe with this two-part, bi-weekly series! A routine visit to a colony world takes a horrifying turn when Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find themselves surrounded by hordes of the undead! Spinning out of the pages of last month??™s INFESTATION, this
Ghostbusters - Infestation (2 series) Complete
2 comics pages |
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Keywords: Ghostbusters Infestation IDW comics 2011 Ghostbusters comics
IDW??™s Infestation event continues here in this bi-weekly two-part Ghostbusters tale! Thanks to a plague of poltergeists that resist long-term storage in the containment grid, the Ghostbusters are dealing with a surplus of work... and their job is only going to get harder when Britt's zombies try to take a nibble out of the Big Apple! Written by