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Power Girl (Volume 1) 1-4 series
Power Girl was a four-issue limited series published from June-September of 1988. The series featured the titular hero of Power Girl, and was written by Paul Kupperberg with illustrations by Rick Hoberg and Arne Starr. Covers were produced by Kerry Gammill and Dick Giordano. This is the complete Volume 1 from 1998. Issues #1-4
Power Girl (Volume 0) Oneshot
Kara Zor-El is Power Girl, a JSA member with powers of flight, super-strength, and near-indestructability. She's brash, rude and stunningly attractive...but she has no idea who she really is. Now, Power Girl must go on a journey of self-discovery, meeting a host of heroes and villains along the way. Is she a Daxamite warrior? The last daughter of
Power Girl (Volume 2) 1-27 series
After taking part in the events of the series "Infinite Crisis" (2005), as well as by the appearance in the series komiksovJSA, Supergirl and others, Power Girl has become quite a recognizable character and got her first comic series called "Power Girl (vol. 2)" released by DC Comics. The first issue of the series was released in July 2009. Issues