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Northlanders - Book 03 - The European Saga
419 pages | 2017 year
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Northlanders - Book 2 - The Icelandic Saga
287 pages | 2016 year
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Northlanders (1-50 Series)
50 Issues pages |
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Christian/Islamic conflict. Technological revolution. Fear of the end of the world. Sound familiar? It should. But it's not the world of 2007??¦it's the world of Europe, circa 1000 AD. The world of Brian Wood's brand-new monthly series, NORTHLANDERS. Following the red-hot success of one of last year's most critically-acclaimed books, DMZ,
Mara #1
29 pages |
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Keywords: Mara comics BRIAN WOOD Massive DMZ Demo Northlanders MING DOYLE
Acclaimed creator BRIAN WOOD and brilliant newcomer MING DOYLE bring you MARA, the story of an especially gifted woman in a sports-and war-obsessed future. Young Mara Prince is at the top of the world, a global celebrity in a culture that prizes physical achievement above all else. After she manifests supernatural abilities on live TV, she becomes

Mara #1

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