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Sin City - Sex and Violence
31 pages | 1997 year
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Delia - a killer operating in the Lenkvist. Her main weapon: the "sex and violence". But, like all women, she makes too many mistakes ...
X-Force - Sex and Violence (1-3 series) Complete
Just when you thought it was over, we pull you back in??”it??™s the X-Force story everyone??™s been talking about, finally delivered! Wolverine and Domino have always had a special relationship, but everything goes upside down when the Assassins Guild puts out a hit on our gun wielding bombshell. Why do they want her dead? And more importantly,
Sex and Violence #1 (2013)
67 pages |
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Keywords: Sex and Violence Sex and Violence comics free comics 2013 comics
When we think of Kickstarter campaigns, we often think of it being used to get new creators a way to focus on their work and to gauge interest. I had never really thought about it being used by established creators in a way to get a project that is near and dear to them guaranteed to be published, and entirely on their terms. And yet, that is what