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Spider-Island - Deadly Foes #01 (2011)
44 pages |
45.42 мegabytes

Keywords: Spider-Island Deadly Foes Marvel 2011
THE DEADLY FOES OF SPIDER-MAN ARE UNLEASHED ON SPIDER-ISLAND! The JACKAL is back and with the entire population of Manhattan quarantined, he has the perfect control for his twisted experiments. The hypothesis? If GWEN STACY returns, then Peter Parker can't be too far behind. Elsewhere in the city, the HOBGOBLIN attacks young love - but he better
Scarlet Spider - Issue #6
24 pages |
20.57 мegabytes

Keywords: Scarlet Spider Kaine Craven Hunter SPIDER-ISLAND Madame Web Marvel comic
Kaine goes from hunter to hunted as a daughter Craven Hunter takes Scarlet Spider! From the SPIDER-ISLAND pages, Madame Web crashes into the life of Kaine - with dark vision of the road ahead!