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Sub-Mariner Comics #1-42 Complete
42 issues pages | 1941-1955 year
1700 мegabytes

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Sub-Mariner (Volume 1) 1-72 series
The young prince grew up with the contradictory nature and hostile attitude to the inhabitants of the surface, blaming them for the destruction of the underwater world. When the king found out about Atlantis Thakorr people in diving suits, he mistook them for enemy spies, which caused Namor desire to strike at humanity, which in turn has led to
Sub-Mariner (Volume 0) 1-6 series
Namor's father, Leonard McKenzie, was an ordinary seaman who explored Antarctica. Once the ship got stuck in the ice, and Leonard had to use explosives to clear the way. He did not know that underneath it was a settlement of the people of Atlantis submarine. The King of Atlantis Thakorr sent his daughter Clock to find out what happened and punish