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The Helm (1-4series)
106 pages |
81 мegabytes

Keywords: superhero 2008 Horror
What if you had a magical superpower and it hated your guts? Matt Blurdy's day has gone from crap to worse. Not only did his girlfriend break his heart at work--and in front of all of the video-store patrons--but he just got fired. All that's left to do is minibike his sorry, thirty-year-old (and freshly unemployed!) butt back home to his mom's
Batman: The Dark Knight (Volume 1) 1-5 series
5 comics pages |
113 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Dark Knight Vol. 1 dc comics batman comics 2011 Superhero David Finch
David Finch brilliantly embodied the image of Batman, continuing to explore the darkest corners of Gotham City in the penultimate of the arch "Golden Dawn" (Golden Dawn). When the Dark Knight suffers one of his worst defeats, Jason Blood (Jason Blood) makes an unexpected move. Emotions run high when, after the unexpected funeral guests appear -
Incorruptible Omnibus (2012)
731 pages |
735.97 мegabytes

Keywords: Incorruptible Omnibus Mark Waid Jean Diaz boom 2012 Crime superhero
Collects the full series in one volume! Super villain Max Damage had an epiphany the day The Plutonian destroyed Sky City. When The Plutonian turned his back on humanity, Max Damage decided to step up. This Omnibus collects the entirety of INCORRUPTIBLE by Eisner Award winning writer Mark Waid (KINGDOM COME, DAREDEVIL). The flip side of BOOM!
Secret Six vol.3 (1-36 series) Complete
36 comics pages | 2008-2011 year
879.51 мegabytes

Keywords: Secret Six Secret Six DC comics Gail Simone Superhero
Exciting, full of unexpected turns and hurricane Action, Background of "good" and "bad" super villains. The plot moves on behalf of the "good", in whose ranks there is a place not only to internal friction, betrayal and madness, but also a manifestation of this heroism.
Power Girl (Volume 2) 1-27 series
After taking part in the events of the series "Infinite Crisis" (2005), as well as by the appearance in the series komiksovJSA, Supergirl and others, Power Girl has become quite a recognizable character and got her first comic series called "Power Girl (vol. 2)" released by DC Comics. The first issue of the series was released in July 2009. Issues
52 Grant Morrison (1-52 series +)
58 comics pages |
770.81 мegabytes

Keywords: 52 Grant Morrison DC comics Superhero
52 was a weekly American comic book limited series published by DC Comics that debuted on May 10, 2006, one week after the conclusion of the seven-issue Infinite Crisis. The series was written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid with layouts by Keith Giffen. 52 also led into a few limited series spin-offs. 52 consists of 52
Batman - Odyssey (Series 1-8 of 8)
250 pages |
193,55 мegabytes

Keywords: comics superhero Collection DC
Collection of comic superhero Batman is known all 8 comics
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