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Ultimate Comics X-Men #21 (2013)
23 pages |
28.11 мegabytes

Keywords: Ultimate Comics X-Men Marvel 2013
Ultimate Comics X-Men #19
24 pages |
14.35 мegabytes

Keywords: Ultimate Comics X-Men Brian Wood Paco Medina Dave Johnson 2012
* An All-New direction for the Ultimate X-Men! * Kitty tries to lead a new nation of mutants but someone close to her has different plans! * Brian (DMZ, STAR WARS, X-MEN) Wood's epic RESERVATION X arc begins here!
Ultimate Comics X-Men #18.1
Meet MACH TWO, former Morlock tunnel refugee turned mutant resistance fighter! Will she side with Kitty Pryde or become a dangerous new enemy? A brave new world for the nation's surviving mutants starts here!
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