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Young Liars (1-18 series) Complete
Young Liars is a comic book series created by David Lapham. It was published by DC Comics as a part of that company's Vertigo imprint. The first issue was released in March 2008. The book centers around a group of 20-somethings in modern day New York City, though the story quickly expands to other parts of America and the world. All of them have
Young Avengers (Volume 1) 1-12 series
Who are these mysterious four that emerged after the collapse of the original Avengers. Why do they like them? What does it instructs Jonah Jameson to find out his reporter - Jessica Jones!
Young Justice (Volume 1) 0-55 + Specials
Young Justice was a comic book series published from 1999-2003 spanning a total of 55 issues including several specials and spin-off books. The title centered on DC's teenage heroes, specifically: Robin, Superboy and Impulse. As the series continued, more members joined the team including, Wonder Girl, Secret, Arrowette and several others.
Young Justice collection (0-25 series)
26 comics pages |
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Collection of Comics "Young Justice" from the creator of comics DC. Now in the assembly 26 comics (0-25 series). Based on the animated series! Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash and Aqualad star in this explosive issue kickstarting an all-new ongoing series! They're four young superheroes learning how to be a team...and maybe doing a bit of growing up
Young Romance #1
This February, celebrate Valentine??™s Day with your favorite DC Comics characters! Hitting stores on February 6, YOUNG ROMANCE: A NEW 52 VALENTINE??™S DAY SPECIAL #1 is a 51-page anthology-style issue that will surely get your heart pumping with excitement. Featuring characters such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Batwoman, Aquaman,

Young Romance #1

Publisher: DC