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» » Midnight Nation (1-12 series) Complete
Midnight Nation (1-12 series) Complete

Midnight Nation (1-12 series) Complete

Publisher: Top cow / Collections
Year: 2000-2002
Pictures: 12 issues
Language: English
Size: 133.3 mb.

Keywords: Midnight Nation
The policeman detective named David investigates the case involving the murder of drug dealers and terrible carnage. During the operation to arrest the alleged serial killer - David loses all his reinforcements, and faced with the terrifying creatures cheleovekopodobnymi, led by a mysterious man. After a short-lived skirmish David loses consciousness. When he awoke in the hospital, he meets a girl named Loriel and discovers that he was in the wrong side of the real world - the place where get forgotten, lost hope, and people themselves, as well as forgotten, ejected and missing things. People caught in the seamy world of people stop seeing the real Imran and they in turn do not see them. In addition Loriel reports to David, that his soul was stolen - and he must return it back within a year - otherwise it turns into one of those creepy creatures that they are doing in the seamy world of bloody besperdel. For the soul, they need to go from Los Angeles to New York on foot - as Purl in the world there are no serviceable vehicles. From here begins a long journey for a stolen soul - a complete iconic events, meetings incredible, sad stories and complex solutions.скачать dle 12.1
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