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» » Scott Snyder, Stephen King - American Vampire
Scott Snyder, Stephen King - American Vampire

Scott Snyder, Stephen King - American Vampire

Publisher: Vertigo / Collections
Pictures: 5 Issues
Language: English
Size: 108.7 mb.

Keywords: Stephen King American Vampire
In each of the five editions of "American Vampire" is two stories - one from King and one from Snyder. Artist Project - Rafael Albuquerque (Rafael Albuquerque).
The series "American Vampire?» (American Vampire) consists of five editions and tells the story of "the first American Vampire" - cowboy killers and bank robber named Skinner Sweet (Skinner Sweet).
The action takes place in the comic 1880. The main character through the story fangs like a rattlesnake. Furthermore, in contrast to European bloodsuckers he did not die from the sun, but also the "recharged" by the sun.
Snyder tells a single story about one of the descendants of Skinner - glamorous lady 1920 Pearl (Pearl). Pearl lives in the era of jazz and Prohibition, visits Hollywood illegal pubs and dance halls, dreams of becoming a star.
After five editions made ??‹??‹by Snyder and King, King withdrew from the project, and Snyder also continued the series alone.скачать dle 12.1
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