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The Sandman - Endless Nights
154 pages |
120.75 мegabytes

Keywords: Sandman Endless Nights Sandman Endless Nights sandman endless 2003 comics
The seven short stories, each of which tells the story of the life of one of the Immortals.
Sweet Tooth #40 (2013)
39 pages |
56.83 мegabytes

Keywords: Sweet Tooth Vertigo 2013
Transmetropolitan (1-60 comics + 6 Specials)
66 comics pages |
1900 мegabytes

Keywords: Transmetropolitan vertigo Transmetropolitan vertigo download vertigo
Here you will antiutopichny XXIII century, who, standing on the threshold of technological singularity, and has not managed to get people to the ideals of reason, but of eternal good (quite the contrary), and also one of the very few of its inhabitants, who remained true road - inveterate matershinnik, alcoholic and drug addict, sociopath to the
Scalped (series 1-60) 2007-2012
1320 pages |
1100 мegabytes

Keywords: Scalped 2012
Deshill Bad Horse, who left his native reservation many years ago, comes back and gets a job at a local boss Lincoln Red Crow, keep booking with an iron fist. Luxury crime drama series in the spirit of "Sopranos" and "The Wire", becoming with each release only better.
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